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Video and Digital Asset Marketing
Web Video – More Powerful than Words to Tell Your Story
PCMI’s Video and Digital Marketing Program provides a wide range of services to maximize the effectiveness of your video and digital assets and to expand your brand awareness, lead generation, loyalty/retention and customer conversion online.

The proliferation of on-line video has created a new and effective marketing and awareness tool whose popularity and effectiveness has exploded within only a few years. Web video needs to be considered part of your marketing mix to ensure online visibility, presence and reach.

Online video marketing is a powerful way to differentiate your business online as it provides the opportunity to communicate a product profile and benefits within the shortest possible time. We all know the average attention span of a web user is measured in seconds, so content, style, look and approach are important. As a business, you need to offer a dynamic video that summarizes the content of your site in minutes. This is a powerful way to engage a prospect and open the door to a new customer relationship.

PCMI can assist you in getting started with an online Video Marketing and Optimization program. We offer an number of custom packages to suit your needs. If you have a video set to go, we will help you with the following:

  • Video Optimization
  • Submission and distribution
  • Traffic Analysis and ROI Measurement
"YouTube launched in November 2005 and within about six months, more than 65,000 videos per day were being uploaded with a corresponding 100 million views per day. It is estimated that every minute more than 13 hours of new videos are uploaded to the site, and by 2008 YouTube was consuming as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000."

Online video marketing benefits are not dissimilar to the same features pioneered by television advertising almost seven decades ago. Video presents the message in the most spectacular way possible by combining sight, sound, motion and colour – unlike any other single media.

In the past, video production was expensive and it was time intensive to create the demanded high production values. Online video production today is aided by the wider acceptance of lower-production-quality video along with inexpensive, high-quality easy-to-use digital video production equipment. This allows for in-house productions or engaging low-cost video production services.

Video content can vary from traditional video advertisements, to testimonials, to demonstrations of your products or services, to infomercials or how-to instructional videos. Products or services you offer that can be easily demonstrated are candidates for effective video advertising. Although your website becomes your dedicated showcase, posting your videos to YouTube and competing sites gives you much wider exposure.

Digital Asset Marketing Expands Your Web Content
and Exposure Using Existing or Older Information Assets

Even though most businesses and organizations now use computers and Web-friendly digital file formats extensively, they may still have a large collection of pre-digital archival assets – documents, artwork, films, videos and photographs – that could have a useful second life on the Web. Many documents can be converted or digitized to a range of Web-compatible digital formats that can strengthen the organizations’ Internet presence and ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. PCMI can assist in evaluating assets, organizing digitization services and creating a presence for those assets on the Web.