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PCM interactive is an expert when it comes to web analytics services and ROI measurement.

Turning your website traffic into conversions and business leads for your company requires the design of the right metrics for your site. This starts with defining your objectives and developing clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You might want to measure navigation (ie. the route visitors take to a specific place), motivation (ie. how well you are convincing a user to act), or if you are providing good information (ie. how long a user stays on a page).

PCMI's Web Analytics Insight Program will assist you in delivering website measurability and analytics from installing the appropriate analytical tools, to setting up appropriate reports, to interpreting reports and results with recommendations for changes to fine tune your site. PCMI is experienced in interpretation and in providing recommendations which will help you identify what is and is not working well that might need changing or fine tuning for enhanced effectiveness.

PCMI’s Web Analytics Insight Program includes:

  • Classification – selecting the key pages on the site for measurement
  • Determine Objectives and KPIs
  • Tool Selection – decide how to perform analysis and adapt tools to meet objectives
  • Reporting and Communication – regular reporting is important to ensure success metrics can be achieved
"Powerful measurement with real-time web analytics will deliver the kind of information you need. By installing a real-time web analytic tool on strategic or all pages in your website, you can collect a wide range of data including: numbers of visitors to your site, their geographic location, how they navigate your site and how much time they spend with you."
Web Analytics Services

Successful web analytics provides actionable insight that allows you to make informed decisions on the most cost-effective way to engage your online audience and to understand how your marketing messages are working. By adjusting two or more variables on a page of your site, such as ad copy, layout, or actionable options, and measuring customer response, dramatic improvement can be achieved in conversion and ultimately your bottom line.