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PCM Interactive is a leader in performance-based Internet marketing company in canada, specializing in advanced search engine optimization. We deliver next-generation search, mobile and internet marketing strategies designed to maximize your business presence, impact and Return on Investment.

PCMI is your first choice for ensuring your web presence is fully optimized for major search engines to give you the web profile you need, and the ROI you expect.

An Innovative Search and Internet Marketing Company

For over a decade, the PCMI management team developed and honed their skills in local search, IT and multimedia through evolving technologies as part of a former company, PCM International; a national yellow pages agency who placed national advertisers in over 6,000 yellow pages directories in North America. With the intuitive search and find expertise developed as a Certified Marketing Representative (CMR) for the Yellow Pages Industry, the team at PCM International was able to strategically place its clients in the right search categories in print and online Yellow Pages, along with incorporating the right size, message content, design and page presence for national directory advertisers to ensure they stood out among the competition and to attract business and deliver expected ROI.


PCM International’s decade long evolution as a CMR provided a solid grounding in the permission-based advertising sector. With a decline in print-based directory advertising, the management team recognized the opportunity they had to apply their collective intelligence and skills to the Internet search engine marketing sector and together incorporated the new entity of PCM Interactive Inc.

An Innovator in Online IT Applications

In addition to its knowledge strength, PCMI has demonstrated an ability as a team to develop innovative IT applications as evidenced in the past through its custom online CMS Tool that provided a range of unique-to-the-industry services to empower clients and allow them easy access to their account information and materials.

The PCMI team is lead by president and founder Elizabeth Gage. Elizabeth is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of multi-media, sales and management experience in the advertising sector having lead sales teams and marketing efforts in electronic and print sectors. She founded Prairie Choice Marketing in 1995 as an advertising consulting company and grew it from a small home-based operation to three offices in Canada servicing over 200 customers in North America.

Key PCMI Interactive Services

PCM Interactive offers a complete range of website services to ensure your prominent visibility including: usability, design and re-engineering, to sophisticated functionality and robust search engine optimization.

PCMI’s range of services includes...

PCMI Can Help You Take on the Powerful New World of WEB 2.0

The World Wide Web is constantly challenging your company or organization to remain visible and retain a high profile or lose business and market share. It is time to rethink and retool your Web presence to ensure you take advantage of the vast potential of the sophisticated new Web world.

Important changes are happening now and fast – not so much in the structure and technology of the Web itself, but in how people are using, and want to use it. New web applications, search engines, artificial intelligence, integration of diverse data pools plus multi-dimensional, data-based websites that can accommodate new functions are all driving the need for organizations like yours to retool and re-engineer your Web capabilities.

We Can Help You Create a Dynamic Web Presence to Create Collaboration and Brand Loyalty

Much of this website architecture is focused on social media where users generate content, rather than simply consume it, and on open programming interfaces that let developers add to a Web service or access data. It is an arena where the web rather than the desktop is the dominant platform, and organization appears spontaneously through the actions of the group.

The next generation of websites for business and organizations is gearing towards more dynamic user participation, social interaction and collaboration to encourage greater bonding and loyalty with customers and stakeholders. To accommodate this transition, industry visionaries and Web designers are incorporating new tools like blogs and wikis that encourage greater interactivity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Re-engineering are crucial to ensure search engines rank and note your website highly in their listings and to ensure your website is equipped to take advantage of everything the new media has to offer. Because the different search engine Web crawlers use different ranking criteria, insightful SEO specialists need to know the ranking criteria various search engines use to ensure optimization.