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Search Engine Marketing Services and Pay-Per-Click

Why go for PPC Management?

PCM Interactive is an internet marketing company servicing clients located in Tonronto, Winnipeg and across major cities in Canada. We are the leaders in search engine marketing services and increasing traffic to your website.

The prominence of PPC is highlighted by its ‘instantaneous’ results-delivering quality. PCM Interactive's search engine marketing services ensure visitors to your site, and those visitors arrive within minutes, or hours after initiation of the campaign. This minimal ramp-up time is great for new sites and time-sensitive promotions. An effective targeted PPC campaign means effective advertising, which improves the online marketing ROI.

Maximized Investment

At PCM Interactive we provide comprehensive PPC services that deliver results, by insuring that keywords and budgets are aligned to capture traffic and deliver them to your site. Our approach guarantees efficiency and saves you from the hassles of analysis, bidding, monitoring, and reporting.

Keyword Management

In PPC management, every effort boils down to Keyword research. In addition to targeting the most popular keywords, we recommend a variety of keywords that help capture a broader audience, minimize average CPC (Cost Per Click), and maximize your budget while attracting potential buyers.

Bid Management

We don't bid high or low, we bid right and smart, and that's how our PPC campaigns remain economical. By bidding on both costly and economical keywords, we are able to beat the competition in the market and avoid CPC inflation.

Ad Text

We believe that in PPC campaigns, content is really the king. Understanding your unique and special products and services allows us to draft the ad title and body copy in the most enticing, informative, and efficient manner. Matching creative and landing pages to the exact query draws readership and clicks.

Landing Page

In our PPC management strategy, landing page is synonymous with 'call to action'. We provide recommendations in framing an effective landing page, as this is the first point of engagement for the visitor after seeing your ad and plays an important role in helping convert engagements to sales.

Traffic Analysis

We conduct in-depth, detailed research that measures website visitor traffic, keywords, traffic source, and visitor behavior. This analysis provides the foundation for our continuing recommendations and the success of your program.

Our dedicated paid search engine marketing services team strives to make each PPC campaign a success. Our PPC campaigns support and enhance your marketing objectives and insure that they help to maximize your digital assets.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support your Pay Per Click advertising, please email us at ppc@pcminteractive.com, or call 1.800.980.4150