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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PCM Interactive´s mission is to create online marketing strategies for clients that increase the visibility of their websites, drive more traffic, improve visitor experience, conversions and sales. Below are some Qs we are frequently asked. Please feel free to contact us with your Qs.

Q: We just paid our agency to design our website why should we now re-engineer our site with PCMI?

A: Many web sites created by graphic designers at agencies look great but are not always structured in a way to be found by search engine spiders or to take advantage of today´s robust internet technologies. A website today needs to be more than a good looking online brochure. It is the window to the world of your company and it is the platform for all your marketing strategies. At PCMI we look at it this way: just as your car needs to be maintained to provide optimal performance, so does your website need to be up to date on the latest technologies to ensure the best return on your investment.

Q: Should our company invest in an organic search program or a pay-per-click program?

A: This is a Q we are asked often and the answer is, both! SEO is the practice of increasing your rankings in the organic (non-paid) search results for search engines. Organic SEO placement is achieved by optimizing your web pages, enhancing linking and a whole list of items to get you tuned up and ranked. It is not an overnight process to get ranked on organic listings, in fact it can take three or more months. But it is important because more searchers click the natural search results than ppc results so you will get greater conversions for less dollars in the long run.

However, until organic kicks in PCMI recommends getting PPC going early. PPC allows you to quickly get top search engine placement by bidding and paying for keywords describing your product or service. Results can be in a couple of hours or days. While short term PPC gives clear advantage over organic its main disadvantage is its cost. This is why over the long term organic will provide the higher ROI.

Q: What can PCMI offer our company in the area of Web Analytics?

A: PCMI helps you classify your site for measurement, define your objectives and develop clear KPIs, and select the right tools and reporting to ensure success metrics can be achieved. Web Analytics are utilized in order to improve a site's performance. These improvements include optimizing visitors paths, eliminating conversion bottlenecks, improving site navigation and optimizing site content. We are able to measure, compare, group, segment and distribute in real time the entire data set for all types of sites: e-commerce, m-commerce, corporate, intranet, media, support and entertainment. Our clients are provided with relevant business intelligence which allows them to fine tune their marketing strategies and improve their online offering.

Q: Is Social Media a fad or is there some value to all this to our business?

A: Social Media is not a fad. In fact over half of all internet surfers participate in social media. It is an important tool for social networking, for branding, to enhance customer relationships, and to build revenue.

Social Media includes blogs, discussion boards, bookmarking, podcasts, photos, videos and social networking sites where content is driven by users. It is about engagement with a audience and not about reach. It is the perfect compliment to an SEO and PPC campaign. PCMI will help you design an online community strategy that compliments your marketing strategies.

Q: How important is video on our website?

A: Digital asset optimization is an important aspect to your enhanced presence on the web. Promoting your digital assets such as videos, images, documents, and presentations through digital media channels like Flickr, You Tube, Twitter, Googles, Delicious and Blogger (to name a few), increases your page rank, traffic, and provides your customers a better understanding of your products or services.

Q: Where does Mobile Marketing fit in?

A: The convergence of new technologies in hardware along with new applications in software have led to a huge increase in the opportunities available for Mobile Marketing. There are 3 billion plus people out of 5 billion on the planet with cell phones but countries differ in terms of their advancement in the area of mobile marketing so it depends on your company and where your market area is. PCMI can help you design a mobile friendly version of your website. PCMI can also help you tailor your online offering to the mobility and the utility of the phone while at the same time not make it an arduous experience for the user. Having relevant content and providing ease of use are imperative to benefiting from the coming growth in Mobile Marketing.

Q: As a CMO I know being Web 3.0 friendly is important to being in the game. We have worked with SEO people, PPC people and have recently been courted by SMM people. We don´t know the best way to get started?

A: PCMI can help you. Our team is experienced having been in your shoes as media marketers. Our background allows us to take a wholelistic approach to your online marketing. We start with an analysis of where you are and work with you in terms of setting KPIs and objectives to get you to where you want and need to be. From there we will provide you with a roadmap, benchmarks, and the necessary budget to get there. Call us at: 1.800.980.4146.