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News Release and Article Marketing

Businesses or organizations with important news or information to distribute need to connect with a wide range of traditional and new media to get their message out. Traditional targets for news stories - TV, radio and newspapers - are becoming yesterday's media in today's digital age. They now represent only a small fraction of the online targets, which now include specialized websites, message boards, forums, blogs and social-networking sites. However the online assets of the traditional media still represent important targets.

PCMI's News Release and Article Marketing Netcast Programs knows this sector well and can assist you in planning, developing and executing effective information distribution and placement services.

"The web has become an unprecedented resource for information and sharing and it provides valuable opportunities for organizations, businesses and individuals to share their knowledge, expertise and insights to others who value the information through online articles."

Employing the power of effective links, this information can have a long shelf life and be used to improve the ranking of your website.

PCM News Release and Article Marketing Netcast Program can help you in two ways:

  • Provide customized distribution services for information you generate to targeted media and websites particularly interested in your topic or field. This includes arranging links from other websites to your site to improve ranking.
  • News information or article writing services for generating effective web content.